Juniper Networks

Strategy: In a world where you no longer own the devices that access your systems, nor control where all of your data lives, it's more essential than ever to ensure your network security works from the "outside in", as well as it works from the "inside out". Do that and you're one step closer to winning the war against hackers. Encore Industries was an early addition to the Juniper team fabricating precision sheet metal enclosures complete with paint and silk-screen.  

Execution: Design, development and manufacturing solutions require continuous improvement. Encore's engineering team scrubs the process while manufacturing executes the plan to provide quality precision sheet metal chassis, enclosures and machined parts. Encore's supply chain supports Juniper with "just in time" deliveries for items such as hardware, labels, cables, handles, EMI gaskets and grounding devices. Our assembly team performs 100% visual inspection for defects and cosmetic standards.  

Result: Delivery to forecast with shortage lead times reduced and line down situations obsolete.

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