Rana Creek Living Architecture

Encore Industries has entered a growing industry, Living Walls.

Rana Creek-Living Architecture contracted with Encore Industries to fabricate precision metal Horticulture Baskets constructed and attached to the outside of a new Friedman's Hardware store in Petaluma, CA. Creating a Living Wall.

Strategy: Fabricate eight different size precision metal baskets ranging in size from 29"x16"x7" to 78"x39"x7". Finished to withstand the outdoor elements.  

Execution: Utilizing our Hem band saw with VT 120-HA-60 controller, we cut to size the angle iron and notched the components for an exact fit. Used custom designed weld fixtures to attach the angle iron to wire forms. Applied a rust preventing powder paint specifically designed to prevent corrosion.  

Result: State of the art horticultural architecture. Introducing the new Friedman's Hardware building in Petaluma, CA. The Living Wall is the talk of the town. Rana Creek's Baskets can also be seen hanging on IAC's new building on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood, CA and Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, CO.

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