Armageddon Energy

Developers of the Solar Clover a 1KW AC rooftop solar system, an attractive easy to install rooftop solar system for homeowners who demand an affordable solar solution. Armageddon Energy was voted "most fundable" of 12 alumni companies at the 2011 Clean tech Open Investor forum. GE awarded Armageddon in the top 5 of 3600 entrants in the Ecomagination challenge.

Strategy: Design - build a frame system requiring a minimal amount of hardware. Improve and reduce assembly time. Provide Design consideration for "cost drivers" while improving fit, form and function.  

Execution: Aluminum extrusion modification. Machined hardware, Kit fulfillment.  

Results: A consumer product with ease of assembly and enough juice to run the vacuum cleaner and the TV all at once.

Armageddon Energy 1